Install uTorrent in Ubuntu 12.04 lts

1. install the dependency library

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8:i386

2. download utorrent


3. copy the file to opt directory

sudo cp utorrent-server-3.0-25053.tar.gz /opt/

4. go to opt directory

cd /opt/

5. extract the file

sudo tar -xvf utorrent-server-3.0-25053.tar.gz

6. remove the file

sudo rm -rf utorrent-server-3.0-25053.tar.gz

7. change the permission of the extracted folder

sudo chmod 777 -R utorrent-server-v3_0/

8. create a symbolic link so that you can run the torrent server from terminal

sudo ln -s /opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/utserver /usr/bin/utserver

9. start server

utserver -settingspath /opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/ &

10. access the webgui in any browser