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Proxmox – how to resize /dev/mapper/pve-root

If you have enough space on disk. You can run the bellow command with required size. lvresize –size 5G –resizefs /dev/mapper/pve-root

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Proxmox – Move Swap Partition from USB Boot Disk to another disk

First remove swap & partion swapoff /dev/pve/swap lvchange -a n /dev/pve/swap lvremove /dev/pve/swap Make swap file on another disk: dd if=/dev/zero of=/pathondisk/swapfile bs=1024 count=2000000 chown root:root /pathondisk/swapfile chmod 0600 /pathondisk/swapfile mkswap /pathondisk/swapfile swapon /pathondisk/swapfile To activate /pathondisk/swapfile after Linux system … Continue reading

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